Pickin' for Progress - Juana Tobar Ortega

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

GREENSBORO, NC—“Pickin’ for Progress” is hosted by Joe Troop, the frontman of "latingrass" sensation Che Apalache. Through the summer and this fall, Joe will be rambling across the state of NC illuminating important progressive voices, sharing songs and having conversations. 

Episode 2 of our series features Juana Tobar Ortega, an Immigrant Rights leader who has been living in sanctuary in a Greensboro, NC church for over three years. Since Trump’s election in 2016, and ICE arrests of immigrants without criminal records tripled overnight, hundreds of immigrants across the US have sought sanctuary. 

Juana and others are dependent on an ICE policy that prohibits arrests in “sensitive” locations like schools, hospitals and churches.

This summer, Juana’s message to her fellow North Carolinians is simple, “Those of us who are living in sanctuary, we need help from people who CAN vote” to elect politicians who will no longer terrorize immigrants and who will grant full citizenship to our undocumented neighbors. 

Listen here for their conversation, and Joe Troop singing “Hermano Migrante.”

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